When looking for a butcher shop, turn to Pruski's Market, one of the best butcher shops in South Texas. We take any requests, if we can't fill the order chances are it can't be done. Give Pruski's Market a call or stop in! For San Antonio Natives, the choice is clear, Pruski's Market is prepaired to work with any budget to build anything to fit your needs. 

CALL ahead to make your holiday gathering one to remember by serving some of the best food in a long time! let us take care of the gathering your cuts with our call ahead ordering. don't feel like cook? give our catering a try, its our job to make you look good click here to see our BBQ catering or Here for our Home Style Catering. 

We will Process your Meat!


Full Half----- $3.69 lb | Hind Quarter ----  $3.99 lb | Front Quarter --- $3.69 lb

Full HOg.jpg


Half Hog ----- $2.99 lb | Full Pork Loin ---$2.69 lb

Roasting your Pigs:

#10-20 =  $6.99lb

#20-30 =  $5.99lb

#30-50 =  $4.99lb

#50 +  =  $3.99lb

custom processing of your cattle & pigs

$1.00 / lbs

give the market a call for more information on how we can help you!